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Altia model BS6665-0000


  •  Quick and accurate diagnosis capable of all batteries is indispensable.

             For each battery maker, data of idling stop vehicle batteries
             and auxiliary batteries of HV are preset.
             Just selecting a type of the battery, diagnosis can be started.
             Also by directory inputting CCA value diagnosis can be
             conducted. In addition to the batteries of ISS/HV, conventional
             ead batteries can be tested.

  • Quick judgment requires only several seconds.
  • SLDR technology does not impose a burden on the battery.


  •  Measuring items: 6 and 12 V battery 12 V and 24 V charging and starter system analyzer
  •  Range of measuring battery: 40 to 2000CCS (SAE)
  •  Types of batteries: SLI/VRLA/GEL/AGM flat/AGM spiral
  •  Standard of battery: JIS,SAE,DIN,EN and IEC
  •  Minimum measurable voltage: 1.5 V
  •  Measurable voltage range: 1.5 to 30 V
  •  Display unit: back lit LCD, 8 two-byte characters (16 one-byte characters) x 2 lines
  •  Thermal printer: built-in * Cable length: 180 cm (width: 37 mm)
  •  Printer paper: 7.5 m role paper * Weight: 380 g
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