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BZB model 6300


  • Inside Size(mm): 6400*4000*2650 (L*W*H)
  • Outside Size(mm): 7650*4106*3150 (L*W*H)
  • Total Power(Kw): 6.5

Cabin System:

  1. Roof air plenum construction: Cold rolling bending sprayed plate; Roof Panel: Galvanized steel, Installation type: steel rope hoisting.
  2. Front and Two Sides: PVC soft curtain slipping on Aluminum guide.
  3. Back wallboard: EPS steel skin panel, 50mm Thick.
  4. Without Basement

Circulation System:

  1.  The air is exhausted through the back.
  2.  Centrifugal Fan Model: YDW-5.6S; Capacity: 15000m3/h; Pressure: 800Pa; Speed: 900rpm, 1 set, power: 5.5kw.
  3.  Fan Cabin: Section steel framework, assembly of coated steel plate cabin; Construction: Solid, beautiful and easy for maintenance;

Filtering Structure:

  1. Multi-storey fixed under the top network, no corrosion, easy to replace the filter and can capture granules larger than 5μm.

Environmental System:

  1. The glassfiber filter fixed into outlet fan cabin can reduce the fog, thus providing a good working environment.

Lighting System:

  • Ceiling Light: 6 sets*4pcs=24pcs 36w Philips Lamp; Light can make the room bright and uniform. Ballasts Professional and durable;

Controlling System:

  1. It is assembled by good electronic components. Main circuit has Multi-protection. Working Switch, Light Witch, Emergency Stop, Breakdown Alarm.
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