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BZB model KB-5000

Product Description:

  • Inside Dimension: 6900 * 3900 * 2650 m m (L * W * H).
  • Outside Dimension: 7000 * 5350 * 3350 m m (L * W * H).
  • Main Door: Aluminum alloy binding fra me w ork(thickness:1.8 m m),folding door size:3000 *2600m m ( W * H)color consistent with the wall.
  • Personal Door: One fan 600 * 1800, 50 m m thick,EPS wallboard production, aluminum alloy binding, with two pressure lock.
  • Wall Panel: 50 m m EPS (polystyrene) mouthinsulation board, galvanized roof.
  • Roof: Galvanized steel panel.
  • Basement: Complete steel asse mble 270 m m thick,two decorative pattern plate,three grille,two car step 520 * 2000 m m ( W * L).
  • Lighting System: Lamp boxes are 45° fixed on uppertwo side: With8groups*3pcs=24pcs*36 W,side lights:8groups*2pcs=16pcs*36 W,illuminate
  • Rack Device: Intake airform the edge upper, alu minu m alloy fra me, EPS wallboard production,coated steel.Air duct made of Galvanized plate(Thickness is 0.6 m m),700*700*1000 m m,3 pcsstraight,1 pcs elbow.
  • Intake Fan: 2 * 4 K W double in let air centrifugal fan, air volume of 25000 cubic meters/hour.
  • Exhaust Fan: The use of the introduction of Siemens technology YD W series of centrifugal fan,the fan has a low noise, air volume, energy consumption and other advantages;flow: 15500 m3 /h; full pressure 800Pa; speed: 900rp m; po wer: 5.5K W;
  • Heating system: Stainless steel RIELLO G10 diesel burner, 140000Kcal l heat exchanger, highesttemperature 80 degrees Celsius, Manual valve spraying to baking circulation.
  • Filtration system: Early effect filter, advanced cotton,inlet air filter for high quality filter cotton,effectively capture the dust particles greater than 10 microns; Atthe top ofthe high efficiencyfilter, effectively capture greater than 5 microns dust;
  • Control system: lighting switch, spray paint, spray paint ofte mperature, drying te mperature andtime setting, e mergency stop,limitthe war m, failure alarm.
  • Voltage Frequency: 380V 50HZ
  • Total Power: 14.5K W
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