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Classic model GS-45XAR

Product Features:

  • Adopt Italy technology to design
  • Hydraulic balance system and mechanical safety with automatic unlock are equipped
  • 24V safety control circuit
  • Oil cylinder parts made by automatic high rotation speed CNC lathe ensure the excellent finish and concentricity
  • Japanese oil sealing elements, Italian spherical valve, oil pipe explosion protective device, overload protection, international brand oil pipe
  • Components are made by laser cutting machine or other CNC equipment
  • Solid steel X structure, good rust resistance and not easy to deformation
  • Shot blasting and high temperature baking powder coated surface finish
  • The width of sub lifting platform is adjustable
  • Wear-resisting bearings, polymer wear-resistance slider
  • Optional infra-red electronic leveling sensor, optional anti presser foot device


  • Lifting Capacity of Main Lift: 4500kg
  • Main Lift Lifting Height: 1850mm
  • Platform Length: 4500mm
  • Platform Width: 610mm
  • Sub-lift Lifting Capacity: 2500kg
  • Sub-lift Lifting Height: 450mm
  • Motor Power: 380v/220v/other 3kw
  • Air Pressure: 0.4-0.6Mpa
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