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Roadbuck model G681


  • Chinese Windows OS, operation process can be easily guided by "Next step" instruction.
  • Exceed 20,000 database around the world and with a lifetime update service.
  • Repeat measurement accuracy is ±0.03´╝îwhich be a world's leading level.
  • Measurement Angle: Toe, Camber, Caster, S.A.I, thrust angle, Setback angle, Max turning angle, Wheel tread, Wheel base,Wheel rolling redius.
  • Android cell phone and laptop are supported to show the vehicle measurement data, more convenient for operator.
  • Humanized software design, animation video can be used to help technician more quickly complete the operation.
  • Ultra-low chassis and refit vehicle—Volks Wagen and Audi, XLWB and with ESP function vehicle are also can be measured.
  • Secondary jack-up function, which can be used to more conveniently help technician adjust Camber.


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